The Embassy of the United States in Paraguay

The close collaboration between AmCham Paraguay and the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay resulted in the creation the commercial ethics pact, membership in OSAC, and in a number of activities such as conferences on issues of importance to the members.

The Embassy is represented on the AmCham Board by its Commercial Attaché.




The Commercial Ethics Pact (PEC) is an initiative of the private sector that seeks to promote ethical business practices. It is based on fulfilling current ethical practices, on quality management and on business capacity. It was founded on the initiative of the AmCham and the Chamber of Advertisers with the support of the Embassy of the United States.
The PEC is a valid tool to promote the formalization of the economy, fight corruption and differentiate between those businesses that are committed to building a better country through the example of good corporate conduct. In addition, it is a means to demonstrate that honesty and transparency make for a profitable and sustainable business.
The PEC was born with the objective of building a serious, reliable and predictable country through the example of corporate conduct in the following fields of action:
Judicial security: interaction between the public and private sectors.
Legality: respect for the law and loyal commercial competition
Corporate example: completion of promises
Moral authority: formation of a critical mass.

el objetivo de lograr un país serio, confiable y predecible a través del ejemplo de la conducta corporativa en los siguientes campos de acción:

  • Judicial security: interaction between the public and private sectors.
  • Legality: respect for the law and loyal commercial competition.
  • Corporate example: completion of promises.
  • Moral authority:formation of a critical mass.




Overseas Security Advisory Council is a branch of the U.S. Department of State that has as its objective maintaining a network of U.S. businesses and executives who have business interests outside of the United States, in countries where the United States maintains diplomatic relations.

OSAC has a wealth of information on physical and patrimonial security which it shares with its members for the purpose of ensuring that best practices are available to these businesses and in this way collaborates with the development of promotion of a positive business climate.

OSAC Paraguay was established in the year 2003 by the Embassy of the United States and the Paraguayan American Chamber of Commerce as a legal entity.


Other Alliances

The AmCham has signed cooperation agreements with certain institutions and entities, among which are the following:

ADEN Business
CNCSP: National Chamber of Commerce and Services of Paraguay –
DENDE: Development in Democracy –
Club of Executives of

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