Working Committees

Business Committee

Develop activities and programs and projects that tend to strengthen the business climate promote trade and investment, identify market niches and opportunities for members.

Committee for formalization of the Economy

Formulate programs and projects that help to improve initiatives to combat piracy and contraband.
Formulate opinion polls and impact studies in the area of Intellectual Property. Collaborate closely with the Embassy of the United States and AACCLA on related themes.

Communications Committee

Focuses on providing information to members and highlights important communications of officers of the Chamber before the press, the business community and the public in general. It collaborates in the development of the Membership Directory, the Newsletter, the web page and the corporate image of the Chamber. It also supports the organization of events in the Chamber.

Events Committee

Supports the organization of Chamber events, making sure that they are of the highest level, includes the participation of members and invitees, and that they contribute to the completion of the objectives of the Chamber. The organization of the events includes a wide array of themes of interest for members and the economic development of the country.

Administrative and Human Resources Committee

Oversees the budget process and the management of funds and advises the Board of Directors on wage, fiscal and accounting policy.

Committee for Legal Affairs

Advises and reports on contracts, accords and conventions under consideration by the Chamber with other institutions; offers its opinion regarding the Chamber’s posture on diverse themes requiring judicial review and is the consultative organ for the Executive and the Board of Directors.

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